Maintenance of oiled oak solid flooring

February 5, 2020

We have already mentioned that wooden floors are a natural material. If we want the floor to last, proper maintenance is as important as the proper installation of the floor. We have to protect the wood in some way. Whether with varnish or with oil.

Visually, oiled floors can easily fitt into a modern and traditional interior. A large selection of oiled surface finishes is a great advantage over a lacquered solid flooring. Apart from the color, the natural look that oiled floor gives the over the lacquered one is noticable. Oiled floor looks more natural, warmer and softer.

Oiled or varnished flooring
As for the maintenance of the floor itself, if we want it to last, we must know how to maintain it. Both, oil and varnish, are consumed over time, especially in places where we often walk. It is important that we notice the damage or scratches of the floor on time so that no major damage occurs.
Damaged, or scratched varnished solid flooring, needs to be completely sanded over and repainted. Shoes and sharp objects are the enemy of any surface finish. The scratch that appears on the oiled flooring can easily be reduced with spot treatment. The varnished floor will not be sanded and repainted for every slightest scratch, but depending on the depth of damage, you run the risk of long-term damage to the floor.

The advantage of an oiled flooring
Oiled floors aesthetically have a big advantage over lacquered floors. You can choose oiled or brushed and oiled surface finish. The range of oil color goes from light, neutral to dark. They allow more creativity. Maintenance of oiled floors requires more frequent care, but it does not require much effort. The great advantage is the ability to treat minimal damage or srcatches locally.

For smaller ones it is possible to gently sand the surface at the point of scratch and apply oil only to the place where the scratch appear. Depending on use of the floor, it is necessary to re-sand and oil the entire floor surface every 2-5 years. It often happens that when we move furniture, walk in shoes, we leave an unwanted mark on our floor. A little bit of soft sandpaper and oil can solve these minimal damage and the floor will look refreshed.

Cleaning and maintenance
As for cleaning the oiled flooring, it is sufficient to wipe it with a damp, well-drained, cloth. When buying  woiled flooring, ask which oil is used and which maintenance products are best to use. Each oil manufacturer has also cleaners for oiled surfaces. It is not necessary to use them every time you wash your floor, but do not neglect them if you want to prolongate the surface finish. You can find all the maintenance products, instructions and how often to use them on oil manufacturer’s website. They all have weekly floor cleaning products and products for refreshing and extending the floor color. If you are unsure, you can always seek the advice of floor manufacturers.

What to watch out for
An important note is that you should never use aggressive cleaners on oiled surfaces. Be careful about what cleaners you are buying and how much product you should use. If you do not have the proper cleaning products, use only a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth until you have regular maintenance products. With proper care, you will long enjoy the oiled solid flooring and warm atmosphere of your home.

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