Heating season with Spačva pellets and briquettes

December 16, 2020

Winter has already entered our homes. We turned on the heating, and we are waiting for the first snow to fall. Every household wants to do as much as they can to save on heating in the winter while providing a warm home and pleasant air. For us, in Spačva a warm home is important for the whole year. Our oak solid flooring and interior doors provide the feeling of home and joy throughout the year. In winter there are pellets and briquettes to warm up the whole space and create a cozy atmosphere.

For heating we always say we want it to be efficient, rational, and practical. In other words, we want it to be warm, easy to use, and at the end of the year cost acceptable.

If we talk about pellets, they are an efficient source of heat. They contain a low degree of moisture and ash. No chemical additives or adhesives are used in the production of pellets, and the raw material is of controlled origin. They are environmentally friendly and economical. Precisely because of the hardness of the wood from which Spačva pellets are made and their high calorific value, a larger amount of air is needed in the pellet stove to make the best use of them. This means that when using Spačva pellets it is necessary to adjust the pellet stove settings. Also, if you change the pellet manufacturer during the year, you may need to change these settings each time. For this reason, it is easiest to stick to one pellet supplier throughout the heating season.

Pellets should always be stored properly during the winter. The pellets are packed in 15kg bags. If you want it to retain its properties, store it indoors so that it does not come into contact with moisture. In this way, an equal percentage of moisture in the pellet is ensured.

When buying a pellet stove, find out about the proper maintenance of the stove. Whatever pellet you use, the stove must be regularly maintained and cleaned so that pellet consumption and heating are always optimal. Daily ash cleaning will enable uninterrupted operation of the pellet stove. When buying a stove, seek and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper maintenance.

When buying pellets, make sure that the pellets are certified. You can always check the latest test results on the Spačva website.

The classification of pellets is determined by the ENplus certificate, which is synonymous with quality and is confirmed annually. The biggest difference between class A1 and A2 is in the amount of ash that remains in the furnace during pellet combustion. In addition, check the percentage of moisture, sulfur, and nitrogen.
The allowable amount of ash in the A1 pellet is ≤0.7%, and the allowable amount of ash in the A2 pellet is ≤1.2%. Spačva pellet is A2 quality with the percentage of ash on the border of A1 and A2 class. This means that you can buy A2 pellets and have the same amount of ash as when buying A1 pellets.

The average amount of ash from one bag of A1 pellets is 90 grams. The average amount of ash from A2 pellets is 130 grams. If you buy A1 pellets, you pay about 0,7€ more per bag per difference of 40 grams. Let’s emphasize that this is about grams. Let’s also take into account that you have to clean the stove every day in order for it to work smoothly. Spačva brought the share of ash closer to A1 pellets, and the price is still at the level of A2 pellets.

Briquettes are never used alone in the stove. On the packaging of Spačva briquettes, it is written that they should be broken up and gradually added to the stove. Due to the high caloric value, they can achieve very high temperatures. Due to their natural characteristics and due to their high density and low moisture content, they burn much more slowly and with less smoke than, for example, firewood. They also meet strict environmental standards and are renewable energy sources.

For any ambiguities or inquiries about pellets or briquettes, you can always contact the manufacturer and ask for information. From this, we need to learn that the stove needs to be adapted to each pellet, regularly maintained and cleaned, and preferably not to change the pellet producers during the season.
Never use the briquette on its own, but it will make your heating easier and more satisfying during the winter.




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