Oak solid flooring grade and surface finish

August 22, 2019

Choosing solid flooring for your home can be a difficult decision, especially if you think it could be a lifelong decision. There is a big choice on the market. So many similar shades of oil, ability to brush and different grades. Together it makes countless combinations. Don’t let this big selection discourage you. Try to create vision of your home, take pictures of solid flooring in showrooms, take time to think, ask an expert.

Many overlook the fact that the grades also affect the surface finish. The RA grade looks clean, sometimes it is almost artificial, it is the perfection that nature has given us. Without a single flaw. Every other grade, RB, RC, RM is much more natural, giving you a piece of nature along with all the imperfections.

Surface finish can accentuate or hide the natural, unique beauty of oak. When choosing perfect combination, there are no rules. It depends on personal taste. It is important to know that brushed solid flooring will further emphasize the natural beauty, the very texture of the wood, the color. It will be more noticeable and will dominate the room. Oiled surfaces leave a much softer character and the room will have special elegance.

While choosing oak solid flooring, sellers will surely give you lots of information. Look at different grades, different surface finishes. Don’t limit yourself to just one grade or just one surface finish. Surprise yourself and enjoy the natural beauty of wood for all your life.

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