Solid flooring in bright minimalistic homes

July 2, 2019

Modern lifestyle seeks for diversity. Modern people like to be different, and to show their style, taste and share opinions. Regarding to needs of modern society Spacva follows their inquiries. Our long tradition in production of solid flooring made our products desirable in whole Europe and wider. We think that our duty is to always give more.

Each home with nature elements creates more calming, relaxing atmosphere, and that is what we want to create in our home. Despite the trend of minimalistic, clean white rooms, tiles, it all looks only white and sterile. If you add only few nature elements in those rooms, you will create more cozy room. Perfect space for relaxing with your family and friends.

If you are fan of white, clean spaces you are able to achieve that effect with solid flooring. In our collections we have big range of light surface finishes. Solid flooring doesn’t have to have only his nature color. Today you can adapt it to fit into your space, to show your taste in interior design. Oak solid flooring is appreciated for centuries not only because of his durability, strength and color. Today we see how easily we can create modern interiors with it, how it supports every interor style. And it will always have one big advantage among others, that is nature uniques.

Bright, airy spaces look more relaxing when they have touch of nature in it. That is natural perfection through solid wood flooring.


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