Perfect oak solid flooring surface finish

June 5, 2019

When choosing surface finish for oak solid flooring, its easy when you have vision of your future home in your head. When you know exactly what do you want. Usually there is a lot of researching behind final decision. Each bord of solid flooring has beautiful structure that only nature can create. Depending on grade, we can even more emphasize that beauty with brushing.
Wood is natural material loving its natural color. Oak is knowned by its special warm color.  On brushed surface finish color appears more vivid and with more character. Oiled surface finishes have much smoother effect. We can’t forget on grade, dimension and installation style. Grades with more wood structure will look more natural. Brushing is making nature wood more visible.
Nature elements always create warm atmosphere in your home. Today modern technologies have overtaken our way of life, and it is relaxing to have connection with the nature in our homes.

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